In Mej Mej, there are things called dimensions.

There are 6 known Dimensions

  • Dimension 1 - The original dimension
  • Dimension 2 - The opposite dimension
  • Dimension 3 - The new dimension
  • Dimension 4 - The weird dimension
  • Dimension 5 - The retro dimension
  • Dimension 6 - You don't want to know

Dimension 1 is the current dimension with Ej and the Overlords fighting Mek Mek

Dimension 2 is the dimension opposite to Dimension 1, in which Ej and the Overlords are evil, Jemlings are good and there are no Mek Mek

Dimension 3 is the dimension where there is no Meej or Mejlings, but instead Seraptyla exists. It is more medieval and noone is called a Mejling. This happneded when Rej decided to make a world for himself.

Dimension 4 is the dimension where there is no rules, altough it will not be in the game, it is only for the wiki. All memes, and stupid things end up in this weird dimesnion

Dimension 5 is the dimension where everything is old school. There is peace, between Meej and Jeem, but there is no moon and the whole planted is called Meejeem. 

Dimension 6 is similar to Dimension 1, but instead Trump wins the election and Keemstar is really really big. The existance of this dimension is still being questioned.

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