The JJ Librej is the 2nd biggest library in the Galaxy although it's private, and for the planet of Meej but only available for Mej Mej Knights and up. The library hold the special book of the Overlords which Sir Mejcoe is hired to protect. There are only three workers on the library, with a team of Mej Mej Knights guarding the library and the book of the Overlords. The JJ Librej covers the whole moon of Meej, which makes the moon of Meej the JJ Librej. The JJ Librej has over 10,000,00 hard cover books, and over 100,000,000 digital books. The Library has everything you need to know about the Planet of Meej, the religions, its way of life and it's weaknesses.

As well as the classic information about the planet of Meej, there is a large group of exciting information about all planets, civilization and species known to the Mejling's planet. It also has a large part of 'Popular Features' which has all types of books made by different authors and drawers. Some of the more popular one are: A Million Little Fibers, Lord of the Mej, Harry Mejjter and the most important book in the Galaxy, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy! The JJ Librej and has a collection of amazing movies and TV shows, like: Doctor Mej, Mejty Pyton, Mejlock, Lost: Mej Edition, Mej Park, The Mejsons, The Mejily Guy, Mejling where are my Pants, The Mejalore, The Mejjest Loser, MasterMej, The Chase: Meej, Mejtrict 9, Jemai Has Aids 3 and Mej Wars, There is also a nice little shop. 

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