There are many pets you can tame on Meej. To tame a wild animal as a pet, you must first battle it, then feed it food (Preferably food they like) then use a collar on it. You can have one pet by your side at all times, and you can leave your pets at the beastary in each city. Here is a list of them the food you need to tame them:

Legendary Pets

  • Groudhog Phil

Unique Pets (Only one of them)

Common pets

  • Pok Pok Chickens:
  • Groundhogs:
  • Wormej:
  • Ocean Wormej:
  • Pet-Sized Moblets:
  • Cats: Cat Food, Fish
  • Dogs: Dog food, Meat, Bone
  • Fish:
  • Bats: Fruit
  • Monkeys: Fruit
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