Seraptyla is a strange planet in the __________ Solar System that is located at the same co-ordinates as the moon between Meej and Jeem. This is because Seraptyla is located in a parallel universe to the one Meej and Jeem are in. and has many small islands and three big ones. Seraptyla is in Dimension x-34 at the exact coordinates of the Moon of Meej and Jeem, Seraptyla is also trade partners with Meej and Jeem and used to be trade partners with Tublera, equating to the Extreme wealthiness of Nippal's citizens. Seraptyla is a water planet, with 74% of its surface water and 26% land, there are three main islands and 50+ smaller islands. One of the main islands is completely run by animals and the other two have been warring almost since Seraptyla's existence. The two warring islands, Jermachneh and Nippal used to be one large island but created a device that made a large crevice in between the two islands but accidentally removed chunks of the planet doing so. They have two very different cultures, Nippal having extremely rich citizens and technologically advanced settlements while Jermachneh is rich with mountains, tree and wildlife but the areas that are developed have gigantic castles, towers and walls made of one of the strongest materials in the universe, _______.

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