Tublera is a planet nearby Meej on which all the unwanted things live in. A Mejling Mrs. Mejenoska is the gurdian of this planet, with her trusty Portej, Mejiam. Many of the known beings on the are Sanic, Meerio, Puppy Monkey Baby and Kylo Ren Cat. Sometimes, you can see the hobojjes (a hoboj is a mej mej hobo) living there, along with some moblets who hadn't been shrunk, multiple time lords, some stranded zoidbergs, a stray Morty, some lost gangsta penguins and various movie characters who you thought were dead. The currency of tublera is Speds. You can find many Speds in the piles of junk. 10 speds is equivalent to 1 Spedow. If you pay Jon Cenaj 100 Spedows, he will perform the Trans-Gravitational Tublera Fling, throwing you off the planet and into space, hoping to find a new planet to live on. When you pay Jon Cenaj, he throws the Speds and Spedows you paid him back into the planet's piles of junk.