A workej is a mejling that builds houses, make tools and be useful to the community.

Different types of workej

  • Mejsmith (Forges tools and weapons)
  • Carpentej (Builds things out of wood)
  • Mejstruction Workej (Builds buildings)
  • Plumbej (Fixes pipes and drains)
  • Lumbermej (Cuts down trees)
  • Minej (Mines metals from underground)
  • Electrej (Fixes electrical appliances)
  • Farmej (Grows food)
  • Fishermej (Goes Fishing for Fish and Wormej)
  • Mejchanic (Fixes and builds small and simple machines)
  • Demolejonist (Destroys buildings for the Mejstruction Workej to rebuild)
  • Ubej (some random mejling that drives you around)
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