About The Zoidbergs

Zoidbergs or Zoidej are harmless, squid-like companions that follow you around. Zoidbergs are hopeless without a leader, so when they are alone, they just stand in one spot and do nothing. Many die of de-hydration and starvation, but 2/3 of their population have been murdered by the Weegiees. The Mej Mej Overlord sent Maj and Fij to go to their planet of Zodgerra to help the Zoidbergs survive and repopulate.

When he decided that the Zoidbergs were able to live on their own again, Maj left Zodgerra. Fij disagreed with Maj, and wanted to stay and on Zodgerra to countinue to support the Zoidbergs. Even though the Zoidbergs had a leader, they still die but on a slower rate but still repopuate at a steady rate. One day, the Weegee committee found out Fij's location, and began devising a plan to assassinate him. Their plan worked. Zodgerra temporarily became overrun by weegees, as they celebrated Fij's death.  

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